2017 Allie Awards

Posted: May 3, 2017

And the Winners Are:


2017 Allie Awards

Most Memorable Scene in a Play: Haimon and Kreon (Sorry Dad, you are just wrong)
Pria Graham and Grace LaCount

Most valuable crew member in a play:
Domo Brodie

Most valuable production staff member in a play:
Amber Parker
Stage Manager and Lighting Designer

Most "Show Spirit" in a play:
Samantha Krug

Best character development in a play:
Julia Middleton for the Sentry

Best ensemble character development in a play:
Abby Peabody
The Conspiracy Theorist

Best Supporting Actor in a play:
Jessica Harzer as Teiresias

Best Lead Actor in a play:
Grace LaCount as Kreon

Creativity award in a play:
Arianna Platania "Bridge Over Troubled Water”

Excellence In Theatre:
Anaya Adams and Kassy Thomas

Best Dance in a Musical:
Under the Sea

Best Song in a Musical:
Part of Your World by Blythe Megarity

Most valuable crew member in a musical:
Jenna Hoffman

Most valuable member of the production team in a musical:
Amber Parker
Lighting Design

Most outstanding ensemble member in a musical:
Yeoryia Swanson

Most Outstanding Mersister in a musical:
Liz Heppding

Best Supporting villain in a musical:
Lauryn Chomicz as Chef Louis

Best "Heeley" moves in a musical:
Hannah Bangs

Best Male Cameo in a Musical:
Mr. Marchand

Best Supporting Actor in a musical:
Hannah Keller as Scuttle

Best lead actor in a musical:
Blythe Megarity as Ariel

Most "Show Spirit" in a musical:
Julia Middleton