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Important 2016-17 School Year Reminders from the School Nurse

  • Freshmen and transfer students are required to have a new physical (done over the summer) as well as an updated immunization record on file in order to stay in school.  Returning students are required to submit an updated physical ONLY IF they are trying out/playing a sport.  (A physical is good for one year from date completed.)
  • If you would like your daughter to receive over the counter medications such as Tylenol, Tums, etc… during the school day you will need to send in the Consent for Over the Counter Medications form for 2016-2017.  Make sure that both you and your daughter’s doctor have signed the form.
  • Please inform the nurse if your daughter has health issues or requires special care during the school day such as prescription medicines, treatments or health monitoring.  A plan can be put into place to handle these conditions.
  • Allergy and Asthma season is almost upon us, please follow your doctor’s recommendations with regards to symptoms and how to manage them. Inhalers, Allergy Action Plans and Epi-pens are necessary in most instances.  If your daughter has been prescribed an inhaler and/or Epi-pen we must have a written order from her doctor for each medication on file (including if she has been authorized to carry these emergency meds).  Please make sure your daughter has her inhaler and/or Epi-pen with her at ALL times, is NOT expired and to have a spare in the health room as well.
  • Make sure that we always have a CURRENT and WORKING phone number at school in the event you need to be reached.

All of the necessary health/medication forms are posted in the right column.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions/concerns: call ext. 3260 or via email:

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If you have any questions about Seton Keough Health Policies, please contact:

Grace Vukcevich
School Nurse

(410) 646-4444, ext. 3260