Welcome to the Seton Keough High School web site where you can discover all that our school has to offer!

This site is designed for all members of the Seton Keough Community - our families who are checking out the latest school news, upcoming events, and information on parent group activities; our alumnae from Seton Keough, Seton High School and Archbishop Keough High School who are perusing their alumnae association pages.

Prospective students and their families are discovering all that Seton Keough has to offer: our strong academic program with emphasis in science and the arts, our winning athletic teams, our highly recognized instrumental and vocal music programs, our values-centered, faith-based education that truly Sends Forth Women of Honor.

Discovery is what students do each and every day in the classroom and in life. Just as Marie Curie discovered radium and won two Nobel prizes (chemistry and physics), as Rachel Carson discovered her passion for saving the environment and launched a world-wide cause and as Pamela Melroy became one of a handful of women who flew in space and became the commander of the space shuttle Discovery, we encourage the young women at Seton Keough to discover their passion for learning, their unique gifts, their faith and themselves.

So use this web site to discover Seton Keough High School, our faculty and students. I believe you will be very impressed!