Welcome to Academics at Seton Keough

Here at Seton Keough High School we have high expectations for the students “entrusted to our care” so we provide  them with a rich and challenging college preparatory curriculum.  Every day our students are involved in innovative and creative ways of learning, which is based in a safe, Christian environment that supports their academic excellence and success.

Since Seton Keough is a single-sex school, it allows each of our young ladies to discover her gifts, as she becomes the young woman God has planned her to be.

Our classes, with a student to faculty teacher ratio of 12:1, provide for a learning environment where each student is nurtured by her teachers and peers to ensure individual success.

Based on the teachings of our Brother, Jesus Christ, our inclusive community welcomes and respects students of diverse socioeconomic levels, cultural backgrounds, religious traditions and academic abilities. For these reasons, a variety of courses and tracks are available to students which will allow them to meet their academic goals at their own individual skill levels.

Students are encouraged to be advocates for their education. They are encouraged to ask for help and to monitor their Edline account for teacher updates and grades. This is also an integral part of our college preparatory plan.

By the time our students graduate, we feel comfortable that we are not only sending forth young women who are academically, socially and spiritually ready for college, but we are also sending forth “Women of Honor.”