Seton Keough Alumnae Association

The Seton Keough Alumnae Association (SKAA) launched in 2007 and is currently seeking members. The association is responsible for working with the other schools' alumnae associations (Seton and Archbishop Keough) to coordinate efforts to further the goals of Seton Keough High School. 


The Seton Keough Alumnae Association Membership

Join the Seton Keough High School Alumnae Association today. Dues are $10 per year. You may join online:
» Join the Seton Keough High School Alumnae Association 

The Seton Keough Alumnae Association is looking to fill leadership positions for the upcoming year.  Officers will participate in a few meetings per year, help support and plan alumnae events, and be advocates for Seton Keough High School.  If you would like to volunteer for a leadership position, or are interested in learning more about the association, please contact Mary Beth Wickless at The available positions are:

  • schedule and run meetings
  • assign responsibilities to board members/volunteers
  • be the main point of contact for the SKAA, SHAA, AKAA, and the community 
 Vice President  
  • run meetings in absence of the president
  • oversee committee assignments
  • monitor/manage group email and ensure that emails are responded to by a member of the board in a timely manner
  • work to increase membership numbers
  • record and distribute minutes and activity reports from meetings
  • record important milestones
  •  manage funds/donations/profits/payments
 Volunteer Coordinator  
  • recruit/manage/schedule volunteers as needed
  • recognize volunteers for their help (thank-you letters, etc)


Tue Apr 05

Career Day

1:00 PM
Sat Apr 16

4th Annual Dance Showcase

7:00 PM
Sun May 15

Mrs. Margaret Kenney Memorial Library Dedication

2:00 PM
Fri May 27


10:00 AM - 12:00 PM