Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy


The uniform is a symbol of pride in, and identification with, The Seton Keough High School. It also provides a standard of neatness and simplicity and modesty in dress. The uniform is a sign that the student is a member of the Seton Keough community and has a responsibility to that community. The way in which the uniform is worn, the state of repair, and the cleanliness of it reflect the respect a student has for herself and for Seton Keough.

If a student is out of uniform, an out-of-uniform pass must be obtained from the Vice Principal before admittance to homeroom or class. The consequence for an out-of-uniform infraction is a discipline warning. Repeated violations will result in a detention, suspension, and/or hearing board. The Seton Keough uniform consists of the following:

  • Skirt: Black Watch Plaid Kilt no more than 2” above the knee. Light green skirt, also no more than 2” above the knee can be worn until the first Monday in Oct. and after spring break.
  • Slacks: Uniform slacks (optional) - KHAKI only. Must be purchased from FLYNN and O’HARA
  • Blouse: Students may not wear long-sleeve t-shirts under the short-sleeved polo shirt.
  • Cardigan: Green and white stripe five-button cardigan sweater with Seton Keough embroidered. The cardigan can be worn only with the winter skirt.
    • Optional and not part of the formal uniform
    • Only allowed to display school issued pins (front, upper right), letters (front-mid right, between armpit and above pocket), name must be below Seton Keough High School (front, upper left).
  • Sweater: Green v-neck sweater with the Seton Keough logo
  • Socks: Green or navy blue knee-high socks; plain white socks that cover the ankle or knee-highs can be worn with the summer skirt.
  • Tights: Hunter green or navy blue
  • T-Shirts: Plain white t-shirts may be worn under blouses in cooler weather. No colored shirts are permitted. Shirts with logos or printing should not be worn.
  • Shoes: Must be flat, dark brown and tie. New this year, students are allowed to wear Sperry boat shoes but they must be a solid brown with brown soles, they cannot have colored or fabric panels.  (Shoes may be purchased at Van Dyke and Bacon.)
  • Blazer: Hunter green with school emblem on pocket. Juniors must have blazers by the Ring Ceremony and they must be worn for all assemblies until spring. Juniors and Seniors only
  • Name Bar: Seton Keough name bar is worn at all times horizontally on shirt or sweater. Lost name bars must be replaced, and can be ordered through the Business Office for a charge of $2.00.
  • Accessories & Jewelry: Hair, jewelry, and make-up should be appropriate for a Catholic high school. Only Seton Keough related pins or buttons may be worn on the uniform. The only pierced jewelry permitted will be for the ears. Hoop earrings larger than a quarter are not permitted. No earrings dangling more than one-inch below earlobe. Visible tattoos are not allowed. We encourage that you do not allow your daughters to color and or strip their hair, especially in direct primary/secondary colors of black, white, red, green, purple, orange, yellow, etc.
  • PE: Green SK T-shirt, grey athletic shorts, white socks, and athletic shoes

The Assistant Principal is the final arbitrator on these decisions.