Student Life


The high school years are all about discovery – discovering who you are as a person, discovering what matters to you and what you value, discovering the path you will take in life.

Throughout their four years at Seton Keough, our students are provided an opportunity to discover themselves not only as learners but also as leaders and as persons who understand the importance of sharing their time and talents through Christian service. Guided by faculty advisors who support the development of student leadership, our many clubs and student organizations coordinate service projects and events that have become beloved Seton Keough traditions.

As a student at Seton Keough I was blessed to have teachers who challenged me to develop critical thinking skills and who held me to high academic standards, friends who accepted me for who I was and who challenged me to open my mind further and further to different points of view, fellow classmates who respected each other for their individuality and who supported each other through both joyous and difficult situations, and a school community at large that embraced all of us as diverse individuals and encouraged us to take pride in ourselves and in our school.

Now as a member of the faculty and the advisor of the National Honor Society, I see first-hand that opportunities abound for our students to become involved and shape school events. I am especially proud of our Vincentian Youth Outreach Club, National Honor Society, Student Council, and SALT (Serving and Leading Teens) who in the fall of 2007 were asked by five members of the class of 2008 to help organize the first annual Kathleen Bowen Walk for Hope, to honor the memory of our campus minister who had recently passed away and to offer support to two students who were battling cancer. The event is a school-wide service day held every March to help raise money for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Through their involvement in activities like the Walk for Hope, Seton Keough students discover their abilities to inspire and to make a difference in the world.

Jennifer Casey, SK'99
English Teacher
Advisor, National Honor Society