SK Traditions

Traditions from both founding schools and new Seton Keough traditions are a part of the vibrant student life at Seton Keough.

Traditional events run throughout the school year and include activities that welcome new students, promote friendships and sisterhood, honor the traditions of the past and students who are members of legacy families, and say farewell to the senior class. Examples of Seton Keough Traditions:

  • Big Sister/Little Sister pairings and activities that welcome new students to the Seton Keough community and provide a foundation of friendship for all four years.
  • Sophomore Pin Ceremony: to signify their progression of becoming upperclassmen.
  • Junior Ring Ceremony: to signify their progression of becoming the seniors and leaders of the school. Ring style options are reminiscent of those worn by both Archbishop Keough and Seton High School students.
  • Class Competitions: Classes compete all year during Homecoming, pep rallies, Christmas tree decorating contests, all culminating in Year Day—a day-long field day and class competition.
  • Graduation Activities: Senior Honors Award Assembly, Senior Farewell Assembly, Big Sister/Little Sister Farewell Luncheon, Sennior/Alumnae Breakfast that welcomes the graduates into the alumnae sisterhood and honors legacy families, Senior Dinner, Baccalaureate Mass, and Commencement.